六年前,“中国民主党京津党部”的同仁们为了策应“浙江中国民主党筹委会” 在中国大陆建立政治反对党的创举,在中国大陆的政治中心——北京,以宣告成立的方式,正式建立了“中国民主党京津党部”。








“关注中国中心” (Caring for China Center)作为在美国正式注册的非盈利机构,将作为“中国民主党海外流亡党部”和筹建“中国民主党海外流亡党部”的对外的常设工作机构。 将作为“中国民主党海外流亡党部”和筹建“中国民主党海外流亡党部”的电子网站。 将作为“中国民主党海外流亡党部”和筹建“中国民主党海外流亡党部”的电子信箱。


Commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Chinese Democratic Party in Beijing AND Founding the CDP Overseas Exiles Branch

[Caring for China Center News, 11/8/2004]

Today is November 9th, 2004 in Mainland China.

Six years ago, supporters officially founded the Beijing branch of the Chinese Democratic Party (CDP) in the political heart of China to solidify the establishment of a democratic opposition party, the CDP Planning Commission in Zhejiang.

Six years ago, the Chinese Democratic Party was conceived amidst many hardships. Today, the CDP continues to grow and develop despite those hardships.

In the past six years, the Chinese Democratic Party has grown to be a strong, inextinguishable, and loyal opposition party to the Chinese Communist government.

We plan to officially found the Chinese Democratic Party Overseas Exiles Branch in Asian, North America, and Europe in order to carry on the brave spirit and originality of the Chinese Democratic Party founders, in order to effectively support and aid party members in Mainland China who are still fighting for freedom, democracy, human rights, and a Chinese republic with constitutional government and the rule of law. The Overseas Exiles Branch is named thus to remind members of their identity as political exiles and their Chinese roots, and that the focus of their work should be on Mainland China.

The Planning Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party Overseas Exiles Branch sincerely welcomes any supporters from within or without Mainland China to join our struggle for freedom, democracy, human rights, and a constitutional Chinese republic.

The headquarters of the Overseas Exiles Branch will choose an appropriate time and place to call a conference on building the Branch, a work conference, and a representative assembly for members, in order to create a more complete agenda and organizational structure for the Branch.

As a member of the Chinese Democratic Party, Xu Wenli accepted the Chinese Democratic Party United Headquarters’ appointment on February 6th, 1999 as one of the four chairmen of the CDP United Headquarters, and will be responsible for the planning, recruitment, and media representation for the Overseas Exiles Branch. This is a solemn pledge Xu Wenli has made to all imprisoned CDP members and all supporters of the CDP.

Mr. Wang Xizhe is one of the founders of the modern Chinese democracy movement, and he was also one of the participants of the “Ganjiakou Conference.” At the conference he and Xu Wenli, Xuan Weiban, and Liu Eran planned to found a political opposition party in Mainland China in June of 1980. He was imprisoned three times for up to fifteen years, and due to his record occupies a position of high recognition and prestige within Mainland China and abroad. Although Wang Xizhe is currently overseas, he still remains one of the strongest supporters and leaders of the Chinese Democratic Party. He has accepted the position of political advisor for the Overseas Exiles Branch and the Branch’s Planning Committee.

The Caring for China Center has become an officially registered non-profit organization in the United States, and will be the long-term working organization representing abroad the Overseas Exiles Branch and the Planning Committee.

The website for the Chinese Democratic Party Overseas Exile Branch and the Planning Committee is To reach us, contact