What Happened with CDJP and Xie’s CDP Recently?

03/21/04    Xing Zhao, Raymond Xia    Translated By Hong Tang  (USA)


CDJP helped and supported in the formation of the CDJP in 1998. Many underground CDJP members in China declared publicly as CDP members or joined with the CDP work but remain underground.


When CDP received its great attention inside and out side China, many overseas dissidents formed CDP branches that differed in principles and strategies. In order to keep the original principles of the CDP, in 1999, CDJP overseas Headquarters formed a CDP branch within the CDJP structure called CDP East America Branch. In 2000, CDJP recognized CDP Overseas Headquarters formed by exiled CDP leader Xie Wanjun. Although CDJP let Xie's CDP to share almost all the resources the CDJP had, CDJP treated CDP’s principles as a strategic method to have room for having public activities in China and Xie's CDP was moving to develop underground operations in China.


During the full cooperation of the CDJP and the Xie's CDP, CDJP was handling overseas development and underground projects in China, while the Xie's CDP was handling general organization development in China under the organization name of CDP Overseas Headquarters.


The Merge of the CDJP and Xie's CDP and How It Went Wrong


There was a period of talk about the merge of CDJP and CDP during May 2003 through September 2003 for the purpose to strengthen the operation both overseas and in China. Due to Xie never agreed fully to the CDJP’s principles, the talk was slow. In CDJP, for the structural safety and counter China government spying organizational sabotage, there is no single leader should be able to control the whole organization, so no leader should have a full list of the organization members. But Xie demanded the full list of the CDJP members if the two organizations got merged. At this stage, CDJP demanded Xie to join with the CDJP first so Xie might be bind with the CDJP’s principles and rules. Xie never responded to the CDJP demand.


The talk of the merge was obviously over at the time of September 2003. Just at this time, without the knowledge of any CDJP leaders or members, Xie delivered a set of documents to some U.S. based foundations and Immigration Offices to inform them that the CDJP was dissolved. A month later, CDJP received such documents from Xie. Xie said since the document had already went out, U.S. based foundations, U.S. government agencies and U.S. Immigration offices (asylum office in specific) would only recognize his CDP, his name, the stamps he controlled and his fingerprints. In his words, since the documents had already been sent out a month ago, and the CDJP top leader Wang Bingzhang was not available to lead the CDJP, nobody would be able to reverse what had been done.


Xie's action was considered a hostile take over of the CDJP by taking the advantage that CDJP top leader Wang Bingzhang was sentenced to life in prison in China after being kidnapped from Vietnam. It was funny that almost all core functional people worked as CDP members were actually CDJP leaders and members. This included the CDJP Chief Webmaster Raymond Xia (a.k.a. Shi Lei) who was running the CDJP website. Xie only had little followers. But in Xie's documents sent to the U.S. government and non-government institutions, Xie said Raymond Xia was his CDP deputy director. He also named Yan Xiong his another deputy director of the CDP. Neither Xia or Xiong ever agreed or even informed beforehand. Both Xia and Xiong only knew that Xie was to offering a set of seals to them for the convenience to recruit CDP members for Xie. Neither Xia or Xiong was willing to do that because Xia was in charge of the busiest CDJP website publications, while Xiong could not even consider a position in the CDP because he was a chaplain in the U.S. Army.


After this incident, CDJP urged Xie to establish his own website. After Xie established his own website in November 2003, Xie no longer had access to post to the CDJP website anymore.


Under Xie's influence by saying that the U.S. government only recognize him and his CDP, and the influence of Xie's another deputy director (We don't know how many deputy directors he had assigned.) in Flushing, Queens, New York attacked the CDJP by saying that CDJP was under FBI and CIA investigations, some CDJP members went with Xie. Xie then in January 2004 declared CDP members should not have CDJP membership.


As a Webmaster for the CDJP overseas Headquarters, Raymond Xia knew a large group of CDJP members individually. But as to the organization branches, there are several other leaders who control their own branches parallel to each other. They were once before Wang Bingzhang and Yan Xiong who no longer run their operations any more. Yan Xiong is now in the U.S. Army who can only keep his tile as a CDJP Party Priest. Other active leaders are Raymond Xia, Guangjun Gao, Xing Zhao, etc. A number of CDJP active leaders are now running CDJP branches under non-CDJP name for the purpose of confusing the China Communist Government or for the purpose of other recruitment convenience both overseas and in China through the Internet. Xie’s hostile take over created problems to the CDJP. Xing Zhao came to New York from Main in order to help the Headquarters work.


CDP and the CDP within the CDJP


CDJP is no longer responsible for any CDP's activities any more. There is still a CDP branch left with the CDJP called CDP Eastern America Branch. This organization is simply trying to keep a “clean flag” for the original principles of the CDP.


At this time, the initiator of the CDP in 1998, Mr. Wang Youcai has been released on medical probation by the China government to the United States. One of another most important initiator of the CDP in 1998, Mr. Xu Wenly has also been released on medical probation by the China government to the United States last year. Both of them did not recognize Xie's CDP at this moment. CDJP has declared that if Mr. Wang Youcai is going to establish a CDP organization in the United States, CDJP will dissolve the CDP Eastern America Branch.


The Difference Between CDJP and CDP Involvements in Members’ Political Asylum Application


Xie Wanjun has propagated since 1999 that the United States government only recognized him and the CDP he created. Anybody in the United States who claimed asylum as a member of the CDP would be required to by the INS to have a letter from him. Xie believed through controlling the asylum claim of the CDP members in the United States, he would be able to control the CDP as a whole in the United States. This has never been true, plus this kind of operation is not fair and is contradicted to the spirit of democracy.


CDJP has been involving in its members' asylum claim mainly for the organization security purposes. In the past before the CDJP founded, organizations founded by Dr. Wang Bingzhang recruited members whose background or even identity was not clear to the organization leaders. Many problems occurred because the leaders did not have a clear picture who to trust or not to trust. Since 1999, CDJP started providing free help to its members in case they needed to apply asylum in the United States or other immigration applications. This enabled the Overseas Headquarters to know well about a member's identity and his/her background. The CDJP involvement in the members' political asylum has nothing to do with controlling the organization. There has never been such a thing that a CDJP member must obtain a letter from a single CDJP leader in case this member needed to claim political asylum in the United States, although the person usually needed his superior director (Previously like Shenqi Fu, Wang Bingzhang, and now Hui Guo, Guangjun Gao, Raymond Xia, Xing Zhao, etc.) to provide him/her a certain kind of proof.