Mr Wang Ruowang's spirit and fighting will are our backbone

Mr Huang Hua (UK)      Jan. 2002

Mr Wang Ruowang passed away. I am staring at his face on photograph of him, the edges and corners are clear, and his hair on the temples is straightened, and those deep wrinkles on his face make my heart shaken. He, 16 years old was sentenced for 10 years by Kuomindang party for resisting suppress and striving for democracy. 19 years old go to Yan'an to join Chinese Communist Party. After 20 years, he spent his whole life in prison by CCP for criticizing and denouncing CCP. After that, he was exiled to USA by CCP, and die in a strange land as an alien.

I have thought of Mr Lu Xun, who had indisputable bone of clank and an unyielding so-called "A Bolshevik outside CCP". He fought against Kuomintang autocratic rules before CCP to rule China. If Lu Xun (1881-1936) was lucky to see democratic Taiwan of today and autocratic China of today, I think that he would have never given up the pen that " always " criticize autocracy political power. But, perhaps he could not have lived for 83 years old if he had been lucky to be alive under CCP autocratic rules, because CCP puts down dissidents so cruelly, Kuomintang could not be compare with them. That is why many left wing writers in China could withstand the crackdown of Kuomintang 52 years ago, but they have not been able to withstand CCP.

I do not know Mr Wang, but only one thing linked with him is, when I edited the newsletter, he used to hand over his manuscript on time. When I saw his biographical notes, we joined Chinese Communist Party while we were 19 years old. Though he is near 40 years older than me.

But CCP, which let us take an oath and fight for it in all our life in those years, now where they are?

4th June 1989 is the activity that I have been the first time participated against CCP and the marked watershed of my political belief. I do not deny, and I have participated in the democracy movement, and have betrayed the CCP. However, the objective for which I fight for it today was just the CCP's objective to the Kuomintang in those years. What I am doing now, just is the result to be educated by CCP in those years!

So, is it that I betrayed CCP, still has the CCP betrayed Chinese nation?

Mr Wang has passed away, before that he said:" if CCP allows me to go back China, I will thank recent leaders of CCP very much ". That is because CCP just permits that he can come back China to spend his final days but with two conditions that are "do not contact with dissidents and do not write essay against CCP". That is CCP human nature against an 83 years old patient whose lung cancer had reached an advanced stage. That is mean even for an extremity dissident who must accept the humiliation conditions of denying his political belief if they want go back their hometown.

So, they can shoot student, and savagely oppressed the people, but people can not be allowed to criticize them? All right, if you would be able to do that put other people's interest ahead of yours own, if anyone opposes you, we equally fight for you!

I read the sentence on the newspaper, which make me sad: " His wife, 60 years old, is much younger than Mr Wang, their love story sounds like a marvelous tale. During the days they were impoverished and being forced to exile from CCP government to USA, his wife as a engineer in China had to be a sitter and cleaner in other family in order to support their own family and look after her aged husband."

The CCP will have made such a tragedy as Mr Wang's continually. In China Democracy Party there still has been more than 30 members to be thrown in the prison by CCP. All the only reason is, those members had criticized and pointed out CCP's fault and crime that were made and clearly known by CCP themselves. CCP has been doing the same thing as the Kuomintang had tried to put down democratic movement 52 years ago. The Only difference is that CCP even dare kill students with tanks and machine guns in Beijing City, and make Tiananman Square look like a bloody battlefield. This let all the people who had been their friends and believed in them down and have recognized their nature.

How can't the people be against CCP?

Mr Wang Ruowang passed away. His spirit, his fighting will are our backbone, which is immortal!