The notice of raises a fund and express sympathy to CDP internal member's family in prison in Chinese New Year in 2002

Each overseas organization and branch of continent:

It was very well that we completed the work of comforted and supported those bereaved family of CDP (China Democracy Party) internal members in 2001.

Many comrades and branches donated again and again (if comrade Huang Hua, comrade Wang Tingfang, UK Branch, Germany Branch and Hong Kong Branch etc).

Some comrades transferred the money by Hong Kong Organisation; some sent the money directly.

According to the headquarters examining, under cooperation and help by friends who made great efforts at home and abroad, and the most difficult family of members, all donation reached completely the designated place.

Though it was not much and enough, but at least 2000 Renminbi, some had little more only. However, it was a heart of love for internal members who in prison by overseas members. Internal comrade still thanks overseas members deeply from their heart up to now by Beijing headquarters.

2002 is coming, Hong Kong Branch comrades have raised money for internal members, and urges headquarters to issue a notice to every branch to raise a fund as quickly as possible for internal members family. To this end, overseas leading group gives a praising to Hong Kong Branch for their responsible spirit and issues the notice: in each continent headquarters should launch the donation activities as soon as possible for internal members (also including non- CDP personage) in 2002.

Reference to the experience of 2001, it will still send money under overseas leading group arrangement in order to avoid some family re-receiving money from overseas and some have not. But if someone who would like send money directly, we will offer the members' name list and address (asks for the address to Wang Xizhe); also we would offer a special bank account to those willing to send by overseas leading group. The comrades or the friends, who is willing to announce their full name for the donation activities, we will praise openly on our Website.

The leading group of overseas headquarters of China Democracy Party

Wang Xizhe ( signing )

Wang Min ( signing )

20 November 2001